Breath Pattern.  Material Thinking.  Public Art Installation.  2017.

Sympathy for the Devil.  Soundstream New Music Festival.  Live Radiophonic Performance.  2016.

Z Ward. Australian Institute of Architects. Soundscape Installation. 2016

The Boat Builders. City of Port Adelaide Enfield. Soundwalk. 2016

Echolocation.  RMIT.  Soundscape.  2014.

Merchants. Bell Shakespeare Company. Dramaturgy and Radiophonic Production. 2014

Hidden Histories. RMIT/Warrnambool Art Gallery. Soundscape Composition. 2014

Avian Antics. National Gallery of Victoria. Melbourne Now. Audio for multi-media installation. 2013

Manifesto.  Mildura Palimpsest #9. 8-Channel Sound Installation. 2013

Auditorium for Echoes & Watercoursing. The Centre for Memory, Imagination and Invention, Deakin University. Soundscape Composition. 2012

Uneasily Along the Sand.  Mildura Palimpsest #8. Audio for multi-media installation. 2011

Waiting for You.  Material Thinking.  Radiophonic work for website.  2010.

As If Electrically Controlled.  IHOS Opera. Playhouse Theatre, Hobart.  Dramaturgy, Music, Direction and Design. 2006-2007