Under the Surface

Salt DanceAudio-Visual Work (with Therese Williams)


RIAus, 55 Exchange Place, Adelaide.  Aug 1st-September 26th, 2014.  Under the Surface is part of the SALA Festival.

 Christopher Williams created these sounds working with dancers to investigate the surface of a salt lake.  He first asked the dancers to sound out the layers of salt, and then made a soundscape composition from his field recordings.  We are made aware of the sound-making gestures and the performative intention of the dancers.  They mark the surface, breaking through the crust; they strike it like the membrane of a drum.

Therese Williams makes her drawing surface an analogue of the land.  She uses line, space, and the mark to develop a spatial and gestural landscape in real time.  Her mark-making, like those of the dancers, is performative, gestural, rhythmic.  Both interrogate the surface in dance: gesture comes together in sound and mark-making, sounding and marking the surface, breaking through to what lies beneath.

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